A complete solution to manage and monitor photovoltaic assets.

Solar EnergyIntelligence

"The system is designed to centrally manage personal and design data, economic and performance schedules.
Through simple intuitive navigable dashboards, it is possible to consult the performance/financial indicators,
the variations regarding the business plan, the production forecasts based on the performances obtained 3, 6 or 12-months in advance.

The solution, developed by a team of IT engineers, electrical designers and by managers of service centres for the management of photovoltaic parks, combines widely tested field devices (where required), open and flexible IT tools, datacentre infrastructures that make the solution reliable, intuitive, scalable and innovative due also to the use of Big Data."

  • Site/plant extended recorded data
  • Field device configuration
  • Actors' recorded data: Customers and plant representatives

Based on the data entered automatically and/or manually into a platform, you can obtain:

  • MAP: visualisation on Google Maps of the plants with their performance
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT: Business Intelligence dashboard useful for energy, performance and economic analysis of an extended portfolio of photovoltaic plants
    • Summary of monthly productions compared with previous periods and with the business plan
    • Performance indicators of the portfolio with plant detail (PR, DSCR, DELTA BP)
    • Cash Flow of portfolio/plant
    • Single or multi-plant Asset Page
    • Portfolio statistics (area, technologies, etc…)
    • Manufacturer ratings of the installed components

Reporting of key performance indicators (KPI) relative to a specific plant such as:

  • Variations between the forecasted Business Plan and the actual production data entered
  • Variation between the theoretical and real production (calculated on the basis of entered irradiations)
  • Performance Ratio of the plant
  • Financial indicators (DSCR)
  • Comparison with nearby plants


Monitoring and management portal that centralises the data collected by all the photovoltaic plants connected through the compatible Boxloggers or SCADA. Business Intelligence dashboards allow the visual analysis of energy, environmental, performance and economic data useful to thoroughly understand the operation. Through this solution it is also possible to manage derivative type alarms and reports.

Specialised software applications to add to the sampled data from the Big Data monitoring systems, from third-party systems in order to compare, improve the reliability and predictability of the system.

  • Integration with management systems, ERP, already existing monitoring systems in the field.
  • Automatic import of data from PVGIS web photovoltaic simulator
  • Valorisation of energy sales according to hourly zonal pricing provided by GME: Energy Market Manager 
  • Management of variable incentivising profiles coherent with feed-in tariffs

App4SOLAR is a free app designed for the owners of small photovoltaic plants who want to control and compare the performance of their plants without investing in hardware, software and connectivity. The app allows you to receive information useful for the management and maintenance coherently with the performance status detected by the system based on periodic self-reading entered on the smartphone.

App4SOLARSUITE is a platform for centrally monitoring and organising a group of plants registered with App4SOLAR and connected to a specific community through an activation code. This module allows public administrations, installers, maintenance technicians and managers (condominiums, associations, G.A.S.) to census the community-managed plants and know the performances. It is a simple and economic tool to inform, update and distribute possible assistance services.

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