GSE communication: “Notice of suspension of any form of established incentive with the GSE for lack of documentation needed for anti-mafia controls”.


Notice is hereby given that GSE, will send a last reminder by email/certified email in the months of October and November 2017, aimed at acquiring the documents needed for the issuing of the anti-mafia certification.

GSE, in compliance with the provisions of Article 99, clause 2-bis of Legislative Decree 159/2011, has the obligation to acquire the anti-mafia documentation from prefectures for all operators that receive incentives from GSE for an amount exceeding €150,000, calculated for the entire duration of the incentive period.

In this regard, please note that, to transmit the above requests to the relevant prefectures, GSE needs the following documentation, which must be sent, within the required deadline, by the persons in charge:

  1. Self-declaration affidavit of the registration certificate of the Chamber of Commerce, on which are indicated the persons to be controlled pursuant to Article 85 of Legislative Decree 159/2011;
  2. Self-declaration Affidavit drafted pursuant to Presidential Decree n. 445 of 2000, by the same obliged persons, referring to their cohabiting adult relatives;
  3. Any declaration of exemption from the obligation of submitting an anti-mafia document.

The Anti-mafia Certification has a duration of 12 months, therefore, the above documentation will be requested by GSE on an annual basis.

In the event that the obligation to transmit this documentation to the GSE has not been complied with, after 30 days from the reminder, the effects of the existing Conventions and/or any form of incentive will be precautionarily suspended.


Are you late sending the anti-mafia documentation and do not know what to do?

The ENERGY INTELLIGENCE photovoltaic assistance centre can provide the support required for correct fulfilment.


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