Next AEEGSI fulfilment deadlines


We communicate as ordered by the Director of the General Affairs Directorate and Authority Resources that with resolution n. 139/DAGR/2017, the annual AEEGSI contribution for the year 2016 must be paid by 15 September and the same persons obliged to pay the contribution are required to send, to AEEGSI, the communication of the data regarding the contribution and other required information before 30 September.

Who is required to pay?
Persons operating in the electricity sectors and registered in the business register in the previous year and/or who carry out the activity under direct public management, including companies under foreign law, for which the annual AEEGSI contribution amounts to a value over 100,00 (one hundred/00) Euros.

What is the rate of the contribution due for the year 2016 (2017 payment)?
The contribution for the operation of the Authority for the year 2017, as established by resolution 384/2017/A, for subjects operating in Italy in the electricity and gas sectors, is equal to 0.33 per thousand of revenues relative for the year 2016, as resulting from the latest approved financial statement (activity referred to in Article 2, clause 1, of Annex A to resolution 384/2017/A).


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