In this QualEnergia.it special, entitled “Operation & Maintenance of photovoltaic plants”, edited by Alberto Panzera, a industry expert, starting from the current scenario, we wanted to trace the possible evolutions of the O&M service, analysing the contents and methods of distribution and assuming the evolution of this service in the photovoltaic market 2.0.

Numerous O&M agreements drafted in a superficial manner and in an frantic phase in which all efforts were dedicated to the construction of the plants are making it difficult for more than one actor in the supply chain: plant owners, banks, EPC, O&M Contractors.

The Italian photovoltaic market starts to face the concrete problems that occur daily in the management and maintenance of the plants. In order to guarantee the expected return on the sustained investment, it is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to the management and maintenance of the plant.

The subjects who want to operate effectively in this market, must adapt tools, skills and business processes in order to be able to guarantee the end customer an efficient service, able to respond quickly and professionally to aspects not only technical but also administrative.

The huge installed park opens up very interesting perspectives for all those subjects that will be able to intercept the end user's needs by providing concrete, structured and definitive solutions to the daily problems that occur in the field. It should however be noted that in a photovoltaic market consisting of different segments, different services are required.

The Special also explains how the O & M service can and must become an opportunity for operators and not just a necessity to meet the commitments made during construction. It is possible to build a development strategy based on this service, but in order to generate value it is necessary to invest and equip itself with adequate systems and processes, and it is essential to have a competent organization distributed throughout the territory.

During 2013 many O & M contracts will be renegotiated and this fact represents a further opportunity for those who want to enter this market segment. To do this, we must combine exquisitely technical skills and "commercial" and "marketing" skills to intercept the needs of the market.

Finally, as Panzera states, the relationship between the O & M service provider and the end customer will have to resemble a partnership rather than a service contract. Logic should always be 'win-win'.



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