Presentation of the Solar Energy Report 2014


The Solar Energy Report is the annual report published by the Energy & Strategy Group of the Milan Polytechnic University that aims to analyse the photovoltaic situation in Italy and in the world.

Energy Intelligence is a partner of Solar Energy Report 2014.



Photovoltaic in the world:

  • Analyse existing incentive systems in the main global markets for photovoltaics;
  • Estimate the investment opportunities in these countries;
  • Strategically analyse the attraction of markets of these countries and identify the most suitable entrance strategies for Italian operators.

Photovoltaics in Italy and the dynamics of the supply chain:

  • Study the future prospects of the Italian photovoltaic market in terms of market projections and approach to grid parity after the depletion of the V Feed-in tariff;
  • Study the impacts associated to the diffusion of efficient user systems (SEU) and, more generally, of energy communities, on the Italian photovoltaic market;
  • Analyse the development of the services market linked to monitoring, maintenance and the revamping/improvement of photovoltaic plants;
  • Provide an updated vision of the development status of the secondary market on photovoltaic plants, volumes at stake, operators involved and transaction and contract forms