Performance Monitoring: service designed for those who have working photovoltaic plants over 500 kWp  and want to seize the opportunity of optimising performances.


energy intelligence plant optimization


  • Preliminary analysis of the projects, of the data extracted from the monitoring systems, on-site inspection and definition of the achievable performance goals; these performance targets are measured using the "Performance Ratio" indicator
  • Continuous remote control to check the performance and send the detected inefficiency tickets to the plant manager
  • Remote management of inefficiency tickets and technical support until the problem is solved
  • Energy Intelligence commitment on reaching achievable performance goals



Since February 2017, the GSE has published the rules for the maintenance and technological modernisation of the plants, effectively opening up possible optimisation actions (revamping and repowering) of the incentivised photovoltaic plants. This regulation is a necessary condition, but insufficient to start a modernisation and optimisation process.

Inefficiencies are connected to different problems: from technological problems to management, organisational and maintenance problems. The resolution of these problems can therefore suffer from inertia related to management balances established between the various operators involved (Asset Managers, Maintenance technicians, Installers, etc ...).

By mere example and without limitation::

  • Request an extra budget regarding the already contracted maintenance values
  • Unavailability of adequate control systems or lack of comprehensive data to support the analysis
  • Avoid situations that could undermine the relationship of trust already acquired between the customer and the maintenance technician
  • Incomplete knowledge of legislative, regulatory, bureaucratic and related technical implications in management
  • The ability of the maintenance technician to make critical mass on the single optimisation project



Energy Intelligence has

  • Consolidated expertise in the sector (Asset & Risk Management services, O&M)
  • Remote assistance centre with advanced diagnostic technology
  • Standardised analysis methods aimed at obtaining maximum efficiency

può affiancare in modo super partes sia il produttore che il suo manutentore con un servizio specialistico mirato alla sola ottimizzazione che prevede un costo base di intervento ed una success fee ad obiettivo di performance raggiunto.

It is able to support both the manufacturer and its maintenance technician in a super partes manner, with a specialised service aimed solely at optimisation, which provides a basic intervention cost and a success fee when the performance target is achieved.

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