We believe in synergies and international collaboration.


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RSE Spa & Energy System Research

A joint-stock company of the GSE Spa group, which develops research activities in the electro-energy industry, with particular reference to national strategic projects, of general public interest, financed by the System Research Fund.



A permanent observatory on the markets and industrial supply chains of renewable energy, energy efficiency and the environmental sustainability of the Milan Polytechnic University.

Since its foundation, Energy Intelligence has been a partner of Energy & Strategy Group, with which it collaborated to draft periodic reports on the hot topics of the new energy paradigm.


ARPAE – Regional Agency for the Environment and Energy of Emilia Romagna

Energy Intelligence has established a partnership with ARPAE, one of the nationally recognised centres of excellence for meteorology expertise.

Together with ARPAE, Energy Intelligence has pursued a research project aimed at modelling the detection of real irradiation on the Earth's surface.

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ELETTRICITÀ FUTURA – Association of Italian electric companies

Energy Intelligence adheres to the Elettricità Futura Association, born from the merger of Assoelettrica and Assorinnovabili and actively collaborates by intervening in technical boards.

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T3LAB è un'iniziativa fondata dall'Università di Bologna e Unindustria Bologna. La sua missione è quella di promuovere un ambiente in cui giovani ricercatori e docenti universitari collaborano insieme per lo sviluppo di progetti di ricerca applicata nel campo dell'elettronica e dell'ICT. In particolare, T3LAB è un consorzio senza fini di lucro espressamente ideato per realizzare il trasferimento tecnologico tra realtà accademica e aziendale, per influenzarne reciprocamente saperi e strategie.

Energy Intelligence e T3Lab hanno collaborato nella realizzazione di una piattaforma cloud e mobile per il monitoraggio dell'efficienza energetica di impianti fotovoltaici.

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GTM Research

International market observatory and consultation company on the transformation of the global electrical industry.

Since 2015, Energy Intelligence has participated in questionnaires used by the research group for the periodic drafting of the "Global PV Monitoring Report", "Solar PV Asset Management". 


From Consumer to Prosumer: consumer become protagonist in the management of energy flows