To be leader in the Energy Intelligence industry.

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We govern energy controlling processes according to the new paradigms of sustainability, efficiency and renewable sources.

We support companies and organisations in plant optimization and energy management through a supervision and management model of outsourcing energy flows with continuously updated specific expertise.

We provide specialist services for energy & asset management, energy audit, advisoring and planning based on specialised know-how and proprietary technological platform.

Business Model

The Energy Intelligence system is based on the following foundations:



    The expertise of the Energy Intelligence team, organised according to standardised procedures and stabilised over time, enables you to start a true "efficiency process".
    Beginning from an initial analysis of the energy context (energy audit), it is possible to capture and implement specific intervention opportunities according to a cost-benefit analysis, ensuring the return of the investment also through controlling significant performance indicators over time. Through the design and implementation of sensor networks and feed-in tariff platforms, it is possible to integrate and/or extend the existent company monitoring systems into a single global platform useful to control the operations performed during the "efficiency process". In accordance with the PDAC model: Plan, Do, Act, Check, typical of management systems, the efficiency process can also be implemented gradually, by subsequent intervention steps.

    Proprietary platform for the efficient and standardised management of energy flows (production and consumption) of connected sites and plants.
    Collaborative platform for the integrated management of energy management and maintenance activities of connected sites/plants.

    Through the use of the Energy Intelligence technology platform, engineers and data analysts apply their gained multi-year experience and acquired expertise to optimize performance and management of plants connected through the performance check, the diagnosis of any anomalies and the coordination of maintenance interventions.
    From the experience gained from individual interventions, the Assistance Centre extracts and shares case studies with the intention of making already effectively applied solutions available. This method allows the individual customer to identify solutions applicable to their inefficiencies quicker and to reduce risks and implementation time of the intervention.

  • O&M KM0
    Organisation of specialised technicians and consultants, distributed over the territory who intervene when required on the managed plants in a manner that is coordinated and managed by the Assistance Centre, with the aim of minimising the times of persistence of the problems.



From Consumer to Prosumer: consumer become protagonist in the management of energy flows