Monitoring for the detection of inefficiencies and experts to recognise causes

performance monitoring
Performance Ratio - € 96,500 in 12 months with 2-month Pay Back Time
  • Plant type: photovoltaic on the ground with biaxial tracking
  • Nominal power: 996,84 kWp
  • Site: Padua – (PD)
  • Solution: Performance Monitoring
  • Tools: Due Diligence + Energy Intelligence IoT Platform + Continuous Monitoring 
  • Efficiency: +20% PR
  • PBT: 2 months

Inverters: 3 Santerno SUNWAY TG 385 – 800V

Modules: Suntech STP 260-24/Vb
Monitoring system: MeteoControl (Web’log Pro model)
Year of connection: 2009
Energy Account: Conto Energia
E.E. transfer regime: Total transfer

Following the bankruptcy of the EPC and the exit from the market of the first O&M, the customer decided to manage the plant by contracting the maintenance of the inverters to the same enabled manufacturers and services. However, having not found the expected performance of the plant and to obtain greater performance, the customer decided to use an accurate remote-control service and coordination of the operators involved in the maintenance.

With the "Performance Monitoring", program, Energy Intelligence took care of:

  • Drawing up a technical Due-Diligence to assess the performance status and the possible achievable optimisations
  • Reconfiguring the field SCADA for better data collection (strings and irradiation);
  • Connecting the SCADA to the IoT platform of Energy Intelligence to create performance data to support diagnostics
  • The continuous monitoring of the plant and supporting the maintenance teams in case of any detected inefficiencies






The data detected by the monitoring system show an increase in the PR average, assessed over the months following the intervention (February-May), of +20% going from a 64% average in 2016 (value below the norm) to an 86% in 2017.

Cattura 3

In the same period, this increase in the PR led to a surplus of energy produced equal to 223,375.1 kWh, which, being a plant incentivised in Conto Energia, a profit is associated.

Cattura 4

Optimisation therefore led to an increase in revenues of over €96,500 in 12 months, with a payback time of just 2 months

Our customer stated:

The control and monitoring of the plants are key elements that can make the difference. Hence, the relationship with Energy Intelligence born just few months ago…
Thanks to the Performance Monitoring program, we identified and quickly corrected significant operational issues that had a negative impact on the overall profitability. Among the essential elements in the choice to collaborate with them, is their expertise in operating on different monitoring platforms, which in turn require updates and additions at various levels. Thanks to today’s collaboration, we can:

  • Considerably reduce reaction times on any faults/malfunctions;
  • Increase maintenance intervention efficiency;
  • Access effective analysis tools for more frequent and accurate reporting;
  • Keep the monitoring systems and the general plant efficient;

We often comprehensively consult each other, both on technical-operational matters and on administrative and bureaucratic topics. For an PMI of our size, it is difficult to develop specific skill sets within our company. We therefore believe we have identified a competent interlocutor and we expect, thanks to their collaboration, to be able to aspire to important results in the years to come.

Sebastiano Musini

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