Realization of industrial photovoltaic System in self-consumption and construction of Systems in grid parity

Industrial photovoltaic System: design and realization


The experience in management and maintenance of about 500MWp of photovoltaic System of every scale, from large-scale System on the ground to the industrial photovoltaic System on the roof, allows Energy Intelligence to have a overall view 360 degree of the technologies and the quality of the products available on the market.


Energy Intelligence helps companies in the construction of photovoltaic System as an essential partof industrial production processes.


From the sizing of the photovoltaic System according to its energy needs, in the choice of the most suitable technologies, in the analysis of the costs and benefits of the company up to the subsequent management of the same as an industrial asset.

Industrial photovoltaic System to become prosumer

The current market orientation makes more profitable the installation of photovoltaic Systems designed for the self-consumption

The end of the incentives of the past years has led photovoltaic  to an Instrument of energy efficiency ,linked to an on-site production and consumption dimension. has led photovoltaic manufacturer to create Installation such as Instrument of Energetic Efficiency, where production and consumption unit are connected to each other for the exchange of energy on site.   

The role of prosumers is therefore increasingly privileged, ie the structures that produce the energy they consume, as the main recipients of interventions for the construction of new photovoltaic System.

The recent FER 2018 (which is still only a draft on January 2019) decree re-proposes a new incentive  rates that makes it possible again the realization of photovoltaic System intended to the sole sale of energy both for ground System and for roof System with a rate that rewards the structures that will realize new photovoltaic System on industrial builings with the removal of eternit and covering elements containing asbestos.


Implement an industrial photovoltaic system with Energy Intelligence step-by-step


Energy Analysis: Study of energy invoices and electrical load curves for industrial consumption

Economic analysis: Analysis of the production costs of the photovoltaic System choosing the best solutions according to the industrial production cycle

Feasibility Study: technical/Economic analisys of feasibility of the Line and realization of long-standing business plan to evaluate the economic benefits on the intervention.

System Design: The staff of Energy Intelligence is qualified to design industrial photovoltaic System of any scale

Management of bureaucratic procedures: Energy Intelligence delivers the turnkey system taking care of the paperwork with Enel, Terna, GSE and Customs Agency.

System Construction: Thanks to consolidated partnerships with the best electric companies, we guarantee the correct realization of photovoltaic System of any size.

System management: The photovoltaic System is considered as an Industrial asset and therefore its operation must be guaranteed by a programmed and extraordinary management and maintenance service. Energy intelligence allows a complete view of the System's performance  and a dynamic maintenance of the installation by means of digital platforms.


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From Consumer to Prosumer: consumer become protagonist in the management of energy flows