Complete plant control

In Energy Intelligence®, expertise in

  • energy (kWh)
  • IT and electronics (bit) combine

to provide:

  • Technological solutions for the intelligent management of energy 
  • Services for the Designing, Management and Maintenance of energy production and consumption plants and specialist consultation for Asset and Risk management

Development fields of our services/solutions:

  • Renewable energy (high photovoltaic specialisation)
  • Energy saving
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To be leader in the Energy Intelligence industry.

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We have entered into a transformation phase of energy paradigms.

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We believe in synergies and international collaboration.

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We believe in sustainable development and energy efficiency.

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When bits meet kWs, efficiency begins.

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IoT & Industry 4.0

Energy management will go hand in hand with technological evolution


From Consumer to Prosumer: consumer become protagonist in the management of energy flows