Energy Intelligence and Arpa – Emilia Romagna enter into an agreement to integrate the Clima-Arpa services in the software solutions of Energy Intelligence.

"The aim of the agreement is to create a network cooperation to collect irradiation data to provide advanced performance control services to all owners of photovoltaic plants.

The irradiation data detected by the Arpa-Emilia Romagna control units is integrated and processed by the Energy Intelligence platforms and compared with the values related to UNI charts.

  • The daily/weekly/monthly processing measured on the horizontal plane is made available free of charge on the Google maps services with the granularity of Municipality/Province/Region (see map below).
  • The specific irradiation data calculated on the latitudes, longitudes and specific orientations of the photovoltaic plants is available for a fee by registering the plants on the App4SOLAR Energy Intelligence platform or via the Web.

This data is used for the calculation of the Performance Ratio. These services allow to measure the performances of the plants based on the real irradiations measured.

2022.11.13 immagine irraggiamento

Tab.1: Example of data extraction as at 02.02.2017T

To assess the performance of your photovoltaic system, use the services offered by the Energy Intelligence technology platform, visit the App4SOLAR website, or request more information by writing to

In the map below it is possible to analyse the irradiation predicted by the UNI charts and the irradiation actually measured on the horizontal plane in the geographical area of interest (Municipality / Province / Region).


Click on the image to view the up-to-date data

irraggiamento emilia romagna


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