Energy monitoring allows you to know and act on time

Monitoring means knowing and acting in time: the Energy Intelligence Platform solution allows you to monitor energy consumption and other significant parameters of an industrial plant. The IoT platform is developed by Energy Intelligence technicians and stated according to the precepts of Industry 4.0, which establishes as a foundation the continuous improvement of working conditions, the increase in productivity and the production quality of plants.
The data, coming from the various sensors positioned in the field, are organised inside simple and intuitive dashboards, for quick consultation, to support precise and specific analyses.

To adopt a system that monitors your consumption means:

  • Identifying the most critical and inefficient areas, determining any variations over time, so as to act promptly to reduce waste and dangerous consumption drifts.
  • Validating feasibility studies on possible efficiency measures, keeping the main energy parameters monitored and at the same time allowing a precise recording of the performance indices (KPI)
  • Activating a progressive energy efficiency process that established the bases to reduce consumption with consequent bill savings
  • For subjects obliged to do the Energy Audit according to Legislative Decree 102/14, validate the energy balance of the first audit and then consolidate the preliminary analyses from the division of consumption in the industrial plant

Energy Intelligence proposes itself as a serious snad reliable partner in the most technologically and economically advantageous choice to control company energy performances: it can support your company in defining the most energy-intensive areas and designing an ad hoc measurement chain; the platform is also developed to met the specific ENEA requirements, with a view to preparing a 2019 Energy Audit according to specifications.

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