Risk management of a photovoltaic asset through continuous research of maximum management efficiency at the lowest cost.

The plants installed in Italy were constructed in a very short time (between the second half of 2010 and the end of 2012) and a significant part of them were realised by financial investors that saw an investment opportunity with a relatively low and high-yield risk.

The achievement of the objectives set at the base of the analyses supporting the investments made in the renewable sector, require that an asset must comply with the technological, bureaucratic and regulatory constraints that underlie the economic flow (cash flow) envisaged in the business plan. All over a medium-long period of time (20-25 years).

Energy Intelligence, due to a methodology consolidated over the years and to advanced technological systems, provide a combination of services and solutions that minimise the risks connected to financial assets, reducing management costs to a minimum.



Monitoring, control and performance and financial reporting services.

Stress testing of scenarios in the face of bureaucratic/regulatory changes.


Verification of the adequacy of the management and maintenance activities performed on the assets by specialised companies in reference to standardised regulations and procedures.


Analysis of technological risks (producer failure).


Update of the Current Net Asset Values according to the income method.

Legislative/regulatory risk analysis connected to the process of awarding incentives for energy.


Consulting and punctual services needed to effectively support the decision-making process of the customer in the face of legislative/regulatory changes and/or risks.

Predictive services to avoid performance decay that may compromise the financial project.


Updates on possible opportunities (energy trading/SEU) and/or market risk to valorise the investment over a medium to long-term period.




Remote monitoring

  • Performance and availability
  • Asset sheets
  • Ordinary and extraordinary costs
  • Insurance compensation

Income statement of the vehicle

  • Analysis of monthly costs and revenues
  • Tax impact
  • Net cash flow management
  • Drift Alerts

Reports and business intelligence

  • Performance KPIs
  • Financial KPIs


Site visit

  • Performance verification
  • Technical compliance analysis
  • Inefficiency verification
  • Analysis of possible optimisations
  • O & M activity analysis



  • Contiguity analysis
  • Analysis on authorisation procedures
  • Insurance reports
  • Market analysis (rating)


Plant operation

  • Plant operation
  • Performance reports (PR)
  • Scenario simulation (Stress testing)
  • Business Plan Revisions
  • O&M congruity services and costs 
  • Monitoring reconstruction
  • Assurance & Security Check
  • Land registry revaluations

Secondary markets

  • Due diligence (technical, documental, administrative)
  • Calculation of the VAN
  • Reports and technical advice
  • Optimisation interventions
  • DTR GSE compliance



  • We have a consolidated experience gained in controlling over 400 MWp (X% nationallly installed over 20 kWp) of connected working plants
  • We have automated tools (Energy Intelligence Platform), that allow to predict and consequently manage the risks of a photovoltaic portfolio through the governance of pplants under technical, performance, economic and regulatory aspects.
  • thanks to the O&M Photovoltaic division, the company is also able to scale, as required, towards specialised optimisation and direct management services also of maintenance activities, therefore providing the manager with a Global Service, useful in resolving critical and/or unexpected issues where resolution speed plays an important role.
928 mln euro
464 MWp


energy intelligence asset and risk management

Operation & Maintenance + integrated Asset & Risk Management services  = high performance and investment return.


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