Businesses are at the centre of energy paradigm changes.

Businesses are at the centre of energy paradigm changes, both in their role as major consumers and in the need to interpret the new directions of market demand, which increasingly tends to favour products and services that comply with sustainability challenges.
The first need is essentially economic: how to reduce the overall energy bill, which especially applies to highly energivorous companies.
The second need is more sophisticated and requires controlling many fronts: raw material cycle, reducing emissions, waste management.
The starting point of a process in this direction is certainly the knowledge of energy flows and their impact, then determining the effect on various products and services.

In this phase, al central and local governments are committed to directing companies towards more virtuous behaviour in terms of energy with the "carrot and stick" logic. Regulatory obligations (as mandatory energy audits for large companies) flank incentives (calls for funding and tax relief measures).
Energy Intelligence proposes itself as a company partner with a gradual process starting from low-cost technological solutions to measure energy flows. This is followed by an energy audit calculated on objective evidence and updated in real time, the planning of possible efficiency interventions with relative pay-back times and standard supervision of company energy management.

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From Consumer to Prosumer: consumer become protagonist in the management of energy flows