Analysis for the assessment of the value of the asset or technical analysis in order to verify certain aspects of the production and/or authorization process.

The photovoltaic system is comparable in all respects to a company (company vehicle) that produces and markets a single asset called electricity, or kWh. Therefore various expert reports are identified in the sector according to typical needs:

  • Technical/design evaluation: verify the compliance of the actual situation with the filed design documentation.
  • Authoritative evaluation: verify the bureaucratic process that led to the suitability of authorisation documents (violations, amnesties, regularisations).
  • GSE evaluation: verify the process that led to the obtaining incentive tariffs.
  • Energy/financial evaluation: assessment of the performance and efficiency of the plant with analysis of the possibility of credit recovery in terms of time needed to complete the procedure, quantities and costs to be anticipated.
  • Due diligence identifies the investigative process that is put in place to analyse the value and conditions of a company, or a branch thereof, for which there are intentions of acquisition or investment. Typically due diligence is a multidisciplinary activity to reach final assessment, analysing the status of the plant, including the risks of possible failure of the operation and its future potential.


The end of incentives nearly eliminated the construction of new plants, but gave rise to a "secondary market" for the sale and purchase of existing plants which, as known, have at least twenty years of possible income before them. Operations are mainly carried out by financial subjects, but also by industrial entities that identify in the photovoltaic asset a possibility to obtain liquidity, for example through leaseback operations.

The topic of assessment of photovoltaic plants therefore becomes central on the basis of objective parameters that take into account the quality of the components (inverters and panels), the quality of the design and implementation, the quality of the maintenance systems, the reliability of suppliers and guarantees, the correctness of the authorization procedures etc.

Basically, the assessment process of photovoltaic plants aims to certify the future production capacity of the plant and consequently the cash flow deriving from a possible investment of the purchaser.

Energy Intelligence has all the necessary expertise for the assessment and certification of a cash flow forecast, based on the verification of all the technical and regulatory aspects relating to the plants subject to assessment. Energy Intelligence is able to implement its measurement systems to keep the performance of the plant under control in a sufficiently adequate time, calculating the Performance Ratio and performance indices.

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