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Energy Intelligence proposes itself as a complete partner to manage the entire life cycle of photovoltaics, providing its expertise to customers to optimise the production of energy from solar sources.

energy intelligence consulting and design

The knowledge of energy absorption profiles of the consumption unit and the destination of use of the energy produced by the plant (Audit) significantly influence the choice of photovoltaic technology, the capacity of any accumulators and consequently the design of the plant.

Today, an efficient grid parity design of a photovoltaic plant requires a combination of expertise, more sophisticated data and tools compared to the first generation of incentivised photovoltaics.

The expertise gained over the years in managng over 400 MWp of working plants also allows Energy Intelligence to follow the entire construction process and connection of the plants to the grid with the view of providing a high-quality performing plant.

The progressive reduction of the operating margins of working photovoltaic plants, together with the need for specialised management of increasingly intelligent components and the continuous bureaucratic and regulatory evolution, push the market to consolidate the plants towards equipped structures or groups for more efficient management and to achieve the maximum value from them. The described context and the end of the incentives, have led the interest of investors in photovoltaics from the primary market to a secondary market to purchase and make assets more efficient by effectively activating a market for the purchase and sale of already incentivised plants.

Energy Intelligence provides its expertise to assist the seller and/or purchaser of photovoltaic plants in order to accurately assess the value of the asset being purchased/sold and to minimise the risks of the transaction.

The expertise and experience gained by the Energy Intelligence working group is made available to companies, individuals, manufacturers who face legal disputes, providing professional and recognised support on the market.

  • Solid technical, consulting and regulatory experience gained in the management of plant portfolios
  • Deep knowledge of the market and technology producers
  • Certified energy expertise for performing audits, useful to assess the application context of a photovoltaic plant and the correct dimensioning of it and any accumulation systems on the basis of technical, architectural and usage constraints
  • Precision and speed in the execution of technical and administrative due diligence useful to analyse the current net value of the asset according to methods recognised by banks and investment funds
  • Technical/administrative reports to identify technical/bureaucratic risks and analyse optimisation opportunities
  • Support to search for facilitated finance tools

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