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Average monthly DSCR measured over the medium to long term
  • Plant type: Portfolio of financed photovoltaic plants
  • Nominal power: over 100 MWp - over 100 plants
  • Site: Italy
  • Solution: Energy Intelligence Platform
  • Tools: Due Diligence + Continuous Monitoring + Reporting
  • Efficiency: monthly PR average > 78% (on the entire portfolio and in medium-long term)
  • KPI: average DSCR > 1.4 (on the entire portfolio and in medium-long term)

Energy Intelligence has developed a modular technological and organisational solution that allows the financial institution to:

  • Have active counterparty collaboration based on periodic sharing of data and consultancy support by the specialist Assistance Centre
  • Analyse and share also in real time, uniformized KPI indicators of performance (PR), economic (instalment collection), financial (DSCR…) and predictive types
  • Analyse KPI derived from the Base-line analysis and from data supplied by authoritative third parties (e.g.: Database, GME, ARPA, RSE data…) 
  • Calculate the NPV net present value of plants based on real and expected production
  • Cataloguing plants by type of risk (technological, bureaucratic, financial)
  • Support the institute in risk management preventive campaigns
  • Simulate Stress test KPI of the portfolio based on possible regulatory and legislative changes
  • Analyse rating reliability of the components and market operators
  • Quickly access specialist services based on specific needs (such as, for example, but not limited to: non-performing plant management, counterparty crisis/bankruptcy, ineffective maintenance, legislative, regulatory and adjustment interventions, verification of compliance to decree controls, verification of compliance with insurance and maintenance contracts)

Provide a solution to the financial institution to foresee and avoid risks of insolvency on the part of the owners of photovoltaic plants financed through the Leasing instrument.

  • The value of a renewable energy production plant is closely linked to the asset's ability to produce and sell energy during its entire life cycle (20-30 years)
  • The authorisation for the construction and maintenance of the requirements needed to produce and feed electricity into the national grid during the entire life cycle of the plant are elements of risk an opportunity connected also to the evolution of the national and global energy system
  • In the absence of specific guarantees, the capacity of an energy production plant to support its financing payment is closely linked to the electricity production capacity of the plant in the medium-long term
  • The energy production of a photovoltaic system is non-programmable because the production depends on the actual meteorological conditions present
  • The useful life of a photovoltaic plant is at least a generation (20-30 years) so these objects could also change ownership during their operation
  • The electricity production cycle through the conversion of sunlight does not allow the recovery of inefficiencies (lost sun is irrecoverable)
  • The maintenance of any incentive tariffs by the persons in charge require compliance with specific authorisation, management and maintenance conditions that involve both the plants and the incentivised persons.

Energy Intelligence Platform:

  • Solar Suite - Asset Management
  • Support Suite - Risk Ticket Management
  • Boxlogger Smart Field Kit (Optional) in the case of continuous and independent performance analysis

Specialist Assistance Centre:

  • Regular site visits on assets
  • Continuous performance monitoring


  • Annual Asset overview

Monthly Report:

  • Performance 
  • Risk
  • Maintenance


  • AVERAGE PR of the managed asset > 78%
  • Average DSCR > 1.4%


  • Less than 90 days to adapt a heterogeneous asset on unified and standardised control maps

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