Reduce consumption and increase efficiency.

A service designed to efficiently manage the energy flow within a given business, with the aim of reducing consumption and increasing efficiency of its use, even recovering it where possible.

A better energy performance of the company, achieved through careful Energy Management activity, has an immediate positive reflection on EBITDA, helping to free resources: the efficient use of energy resources represents an essential condition for the European industrial sectors to survive in the new global competitive environment. An efficient control and use of energy can mean an increase in terms of competitiveness, of transformation of the industry and its production process, to make room for an overall vision of the district and development, also in terms of the technological supply chain and employment.

Energy Intelligence has expertise, standardised technological solutions and a control room dedicated to customers who want to optimise management and energy. Energy Intelligence offers modular and integrated services that can be activated according to specific needs:


Performance monitoring and reporting

  • Analysis of the most energivorous activities and ad hoc planning of the centralised IoT platform for the control and reporting of energy flows
  • Remote monitoring of processes and energy performance
  • Energy Reporting

Company energy balance

  • Company consumption register
  • Performance control (budget and final figures) of the production activities through the IoT platform

Optimisation of energy purchases

  • Renegotiation of contracts for the supply of electricity and heat
  • Request for tax benefits for energy-intensive companies (Energivorous bonus)

Feasibility studies

  • Cost/benefit analysis of the possible optimisation of identified interventions
  • Consultancy for management interventions
  • Consultancy for the best energy saving technologies on the market

Completion of energy efficiency interventions

  • Project Management: planning, works supervision and testing interventions aimed at saving energy

Recovey of incentives

call for tenders observatory

  • Request for incentives on behalf of the customer (Conto Termico and White Certificates)
  • Consultancy for tax benefits relative to Super - Hyper Amortisation
  • Regional and National level control on the hypothesis of financing through calls for tenders


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From Consumer to Prosumer: consumer become protagonist in the management of energy flows