A set of activities that are needed after testing the plant to ensure efficient plant operation over time.

Energy Intelligence proposes itself as the best guarantor of the photovoltaic system maintenance system, being able to directly manage the entire maintenance process or alternatively being able to supervise and coordinate the maintenance activity performed by operators already present in the field.

Performance monitoring, diagnostics and reporting

  • The Energy Intelligence control room monitors the photovoltaic plants that are connected seven days a week.
  • The Energy Intelligence IoT platform supports the control room operators (Data analysts) in the diagnostics and optimisation of the systems through the automatic and intelligent processing of data coming from monitoring systems by aggregating virtual and authoritative data, useful for mathematical analysis algorithms.
  • The intervention tickets are automatically proposed and recorded on the platform, shared in real time with the field operators to minimise the intervention time and the progress is guaranteed by the workflow of the system that records activities and execution times.
  • Unified reporting of the energy production, performance data, managed tickets and schedules complete the monitoring system.

Optimisation research

Our organisation, supported also by automated data analysis, incentivises our data analysts to focus their attention on performance trends and on improving the performance of the managed plants. The constant analysis of the systems also allows the optimisation the performance analysis algorithms implemented on the platform.

Types of tickets managed by the Assistance Centre











  • Check the panels (glass, frames) are intact
  • Make standard checks on the tightening of the modules to the structure
  • Make standard checks on the connections between each module
  • Check current and voltages detected at the end of the strings according to the diagnostic procedure and with the aid of certified instrumentation.
  • Analysis of the IV curve on any faulty panels.
  • Check the support structures (if present)
  • Check tightening
  • Check the conditions of the place of installation
  • Clean rooms and equipment by suction and compressed air including the cleaning of filters and ventilation gratings
  • Check ventilation fan operation
  • Check the room equipment (PPE, signs, diagrams, keys, etc.)
  • Efficiency check of the fire protection devices supplied in the room
  • Presence of warning signs (voltage value, prohibition to access the room by unqualified persons, risk of death, dangerous electrical voltage, prohibition of extinguishing fires with water)
  • Display evaluation of the productions and any reported anomalies
  • Display evaluation of the instantaneous powers produced on the basis of the meteorological basis
  • Check the coherence of the production with the counter data
  • Visual check of the equipment
  • Check the presence of insects and/or animal traces
  • Check the filter status and cleaning
  • Check and clean the cooling fan
  • Checks required according to the user manual of the component
  • Check cleaning and suitability of electrical panels
  • Visual check of electrical equipment
  • Visual check of wires/cables and electrical connections
  • Control and cleaning of ventilation filters and cooling of electrical panels (if any)
  • Control, cleaning and status of the carpentry that contains electrical devices
  • Visual check of terminal blocks and terminals
  • Control status and cleaning of any UPS
  • Control main tightening of electrical components
  • Functional check and cleaning of any UPS
  • Check power efficiency and integrity
  • Check terminal blocks and tightening
  • Operational testing of disconnector switches - ac section
  • Operational testing of protection switches - ac section
  • Operational testing of protection switches - dc section
  • Operational testing of disconnector switches - dc section
  • Check surge protector activation
  • Check grounding (masses and surge protectors)
  • Check protection fuse activation
  • Check status of earthing pole fuse (where provided)
  • Check the efficiency of blocking diodes and surge protectors
  • Check alarms and interface panel reset tests
  • Check cleaning status
  • Check operation

Maintenance interventions required whenever a malfunction or a decrease in efficiency is recorded on the plant. These interventions can be requested following extraordinary events (hail, wind, storms, electrical discharges, etc ..) or as a result of failures or malfunctions (inverters, panels, string boxes, mechanics or tracking system software, meters, etc ...) or due to instability of the electricity grid (high grid impedance, instability connected to external system conditions, etc ...).

  • Plant reactivation in the event of theft/electrical discharges/atmospheric events
  • Documented reactivation procedures for insurance purposes and historical analysis
  • Intervention folders organised in digital reports that can be consulted via the Web
  • Assistance Centre to support the design control and management of GSE procedures
  • Panel disposal management
  • Organisation, intervention precision speed are required but insufficient
  • This is why Energy Intelligence has collaborations with primary component manufacturers that allow fast and compatible supply to specific design requirements
  • Energy Intelligence is certified and authorised to intervene on inverter components in accordance with the specific agreements established

  • Assistance Centre Services of
    • Warranty management and extensions
    • Insurance management
    • GSE communications in line with the Technical Reference Documents
    • Fulfilment of tax and bureaucratic-regulatory aspects

The management service is completed by guaranteeing the responsible party the correct execution of fulfilments and the maintenance of the incentives where present.

  • The Energy Intelligence Photovoltaic Assistance Centre is able to oversee and coordinate all the subjects, identifying the right combination of operational activities and predictive control activities to provide the best coverage at the lowest cost and this is due to the monitoring quality and intelligence in the audit and supervision activities, which are crucial elements to ensure plant efficiency.
  • The entire management process is recorded on a management platform shared between remote assistance centre, field operators and customers.
  • The deadlines for fulfilments are automated and updated according to law to ensure full bureaucratic and legislative compliance.
  • The Photovoltaic Assistance Centre guarantees compliance with bureaucratic/legislative and regulatory procedures required by bodies in the event of any type of miniatous intervention.

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