The new energy paradigms that are establishing themselves, make the need for information management systems emerge strongly.

Gradually, the value of information flows relative to energy becomes higher than the value of the same energy flows.

Today, digital technology (availability of microsensors and low cost and ultra-wideband pervasive communication networks) makes it possible to build information networks that allow the management of extremely complex phenomena based on real data that is immediately available and everywhere.

This vision is at the base of the DNA of the Energy Intelligence project, created to combine digital technology and energy management thanks to the coexistence of the dual expertise in the energy and information technology industries.

Energy Intelligence has created its own technology platform to manage energy flows, initially designed to collect and supervise data coming from photovoltaic plants and then expanded to any type of production and consumption energy flow.

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EI-Platform (IOT)

Cloud technology solutions for the intelligent management of energy.

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A professional solution for controlling electricity flow.

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A complete solution to manage and monitor photovoltaic assets.

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Software solution to support assistance centres to manage and maintain plants.

ico bank Case History: Financed portfolio management

Technology and consultation for Asset and Risk management

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Average monthly DSCR measured over the medium to long term

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