Almost all the energy we use on our planet is of solar origin.

From food (the primary source of energy and for millions of years the only one), to the exploitation of waterfalls, to fossil fuels, to wind.
The total energy from solar origin that reaches the earth in a year is equal to 19,000 billion TOE or 400 million TWH, an quantity of around 2000 times higher than that currently consumed by entire humanity. However, we have only managed to use a minimal part of this energy, especially the one that the sun has accumulated inside fossil fuels. Photovoltaics is the bet of direct use of energy from the sun, renewable by definition and distributed homogeneously over the entire planet.
This is why it is a very fascinating technology. Initially very expensive, created to power satellites in space, today, thanks to incentive policies that have increased the demand exponentially, it has become competitive even compared to the technologies of fossil fuel plants. Proof of this is the large number of plants that are built globally (firstly in India and China) without the need for incentives.
Energy Intelligence has the tools and expertise to fully manage photovoltaic technology: design, implementation, and optimised management of plants throughout the country, thanks to the proprietary technology platform, the centralised control room and the network of partners in the territory.

icon ottimizzazione impianti

Photovoltaic System realization

Realization of industrial photovoltaic System in self-consumption and construction of Systems in grid parity

icon asset risk mng

Asset & Risk Management

Risk management of a photovoltaic asset through continuous research of maximum management efficiency at the lowest cost.

icon o e m

O&M photovoltaic plants

A set of activities that are needed after testing the plant to ensure efficient plant operation over time.

icon check preventivo

GSE preventive check

GSE control decree – better safe than sorry!

icon consulenza progettazione

Consulting and design

We design the best solutions to provide maximum energy to your businesses.

icon ottimizzazione impianti

Plant optimization

Performance Monitoring: service designed for those who have working photovoltaic plants over 500 kWp  and want to seize the opportunity of optimising performances.

icon perizie

Evaluations and due diligence

Analysis for the assessment of the value of the asset or technical analysis in order to verify certain aspects of the production and/or authorization process.

icon adempimenti burocratici

Bureaucratic fulfilments

We offer our customers and producers of energy, the necessary support for the correct fulfilment of bureaucratic procedures.

ico fotovoltaico Case History: Photovoltaic plant optimisation - Performance Monitoring

Monitoring for the detection of inefficiencies and experts to recognise causes

performance monitoring
Performance Ratio - € 96,500 in 12 months with 2-month Pay Back Time

ico bank Case History: Financed portfolio management

Technology and consultation for Asset and Risk management

energy intelligence next step
Average monthly DSCR measured over the medium to long term

ico fotovoltaico Case History: Photovoltaic PID-retrofit strategy

The case study was carried out on a 414 kWp photovoltaic park on the ground, equipped with string inverters, operating since June 2011.

in 4 months on the section affected by PID

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