Energy Intelligence LAB is an experimentation centre on photovoltaic technologies.

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The laboratory, located in the Municipality of Fiorano Modenese, consists of a ground-constructed photovoltaic plant whose total peak power is 100 kW. The plant is divided into eleven subfields, each one is characterised by a different technology with the aim of monitoring, with equal irradiation and environmental conditions and different yields and efficiencies.


Photovoltaic panels constructed with the most advanced technologies available today have been installed in the laboratory: monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, thin film, heterojunction. In addition to the different types of panels, several solar movement tracking systems (uniaxial and biaxial trackers) are tested in the Cogenergy laboratory). The laboratory is equipped with a weather station able to provide  environmental conditions (temperature, solar irradiation, wind speed, humidity) at any time, to allow the comparison of various technologies in different situations.


The core of the laboratory is the monitoring and supervision system that can continuously sample, with the desired frequency, the data coming from the different sub-plants being tested. The data can be consulted in real time and, once archived on special servers, are processed by appropriately designed software to analyse, even afterwards, the most varied correlations between the measured sizes.


Energy Intelligence makes the laboratory available to authorities, institutions and companies interested in the know-how on photovoltaic systems, with particular attention to the world of research (universities and research laboratories) and training (technical schools, training institutions).

Energy LAB can be used for performing tests and testing activities, for studies, degree theses and various research activities, as well as "experimental classrooms" for training activities focused on photovoltaic systems. Energy LAB is also an opportunity for all companies that carry out innovation projects related to the theme of photovoltaics and are interested in submitting their products to test trials in the field. Experimental systems made by young innovative companies are already being tested.


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