A professional solution for controlling electricity flow.

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"Building Suite – Smart Monitoring is the professional solution for controlling electricity flow generated, fed, self-consumed and taken from complex buildings and/or industrial plants.

It allows the identification of absorption points and inefficiencies and consequently adopts process and/or plant optimisation strategies to reduce waste and costs."

  • Site/plant recorded data
  • Field device configuration
  • Actors' recorded data: plant representatives
  • Plant document management (adjustments, maintenance, etc…)
  • Upload with Drag&Drop and Compressed Download (.zip)
  • Image preview

Based on the data sampled by field Boxlogger, the dashboard allows you to obtain

  • Multi-site and multi-section management
  • Absorption analysis for different types of responsibilities/divisions/sectors
  • Qualitative analysis of Active/Reactive/CosFi Energy
  • Analysis and comparison of energy and economic variables by time intervals
  • Data export, Alert transmission

Submitting emails and/or SMS in the event of exceeding value thresholds

  • Power drawn compared to the one used
  • Consumption quality: cosFI
  • Power absorbed (plant) compared to the one draw from the network

Periodic summary reports with

  • Reporting of events of exceeding thresholds
  • Reporting of events of power factor offset

Specialised software applications to add to the sampled data from the Big Data monitoring systems, from third-party systems in order to compare, improve the reliability and predictability of the system.

  • Integration with management systems, ERP, already existing monitoring systems in the field.

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From Consumer to Prosumer: consumer become protagonist in the management of energy flows