Chiller unit reconstruction


  • Reduction in electricity consumption based on the external temperatures and machine performance
  • Optimisation of the heat transfer fluid distribution system

Achievable results:

  • Consumption reduction
  • Bill savings
  • Recoup time
  • Field measurements and survey of temperatures and flow of heat transfer fluid; 
  • analysis of operating regimes and machine performance based on the detected external temperatures
  • Installation of high-efficiency chiller units (EER)
  • Installation of inverter pumps on the distribution circuit, to allow flow modulation in the case of low and/or high heat requests
  • Installation of an adiabatic chiller system to allow the lowering of the temperature of the air and/or condensation water temperature entering the chiller
  • Plant performance control through a remote monitoring and management system of main parameters (flow, fluid temperature and external temperature)
  • Design of new chiller unit and distribution system
  • Installation and testing

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