Cloud technology solutions for the intelligent management of energy.

Energy Intelligence Platform

Cloud solution available to support the intelligent use of energy. IoT (Internet Of Things) architecture, makes it possible to manage a portfolio of intelligent plants interconnected to the system: from site/plant census to continuous monitoring of energy production and consumption data, the system provides performance and economic (KPI) indicators, periodic reports and alerts useful for the efficient management and maintenance process.


  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Management Systems
  • Energy Management

Energy/Asset Manager

  • Centralized management of plant portfolios
  • Know the performance of the industrial plant
  • Identify and manage efficiency interventions
  • Simulate scenarios and renegotiate supply contracts
  • Management of timetables and maintenance operations

ESCO, ADVISOR, Financial groups

  • Monitoring of completed and/or funded projects
  • Risk Management Services
  • Asset Management Services

Installers, O & M Provider

  • Improve after-sales services
  • Management of timetables and interventions
  • Reporting and invoicing of services
  • Customer loyalty

Public administration

  • Management of plants distributed throughout the territory
  • Report the energy consumption by type of plants and areas
  • Management of work plans

All the Energy Intelligence Platform modules are designed to be part of a univocal and coherent design; they can be used individually or can be activated gradually in a single integrated and specialised system.

Personal data

  • Plant and/or managed site census
  • Signal card configurator (single/multiple)

Managing Actors

  • Customers and users enabled to collaborate
  • Invoicing customers
  • Suppliers
  • Plant/site managers


  • Media management and documents

Reporting & Alert

  • Plant/site portfolio management (Asset Management)
  • Plant/site map (Google maps)
  • Energy Management (Iso 50001)
  • Ticketing
  • Periodic report generation (PDF, WORD)
  • Alarm generation and reminder


  • Standard and routine maintenance plans
  • Intervention management/Support Ticket
  • Ticket Report

Standardised software solutions for specific needs that are useful to accelerate the start-up of a system and limit the possible criticalities connected to the introductions of new information and management systems. 

  • EI-BUILDING – A professional solution to control the flow of electricity generated, fed self-consumed and taken from industrial plants and/or complex buildings 
  • EI-SOLAR – A complete professional solution of Asset Management for the control, diagnostics and management of a portfolio of photovoltaic plants. The solution optionally provides the possibility to import data from already existing monitoring systems or install compatible field technology to obtain a complete monitoring system 
  • EI-SUPPORT – A management solution for the organisation, execution and control of management and maintenance activities of sites/plants by specialised centres with distributed operators


Innovative, specialised added applications that allow the development of data coming from individual sites/plants with data coming from authoritative third parties. The database thus obtained (BIG DATA) allows the improvement of key analysis indicators, the reliability and the predictability of the system.

  • DATA IMPORT: specialised applications to periodically import data from already installed and used ERP systems and MONITORING systems
  • GME : allows the valorisation of energy sales according to the monthly Hourly Zonal Pricing calculated on the basis of data provided by GME
  • INCENTIVES: allows the management of incentive profiles coherently with feed-in tariffs and their evolution
  • PVGIS: the automatic import of production and irradiation data expected directly from the PVGIS simulator

The planned architecture provides a series of added values:

  • SIMPLICITY: cloud technology allows to reduce investments in hardware and software, related maintenance costs, increase system flexibility and quicken start-up times. The use of a world leading business intelligence product allows the customer to have simple data analysis, processing and export functions.
  • SECURITY: the usability of the entire platform and access to data are regulated by a system of authorisations structured for users, groups of users, application modules and dashboards
  • PRECISION: the boxlogger placed on each site/plant is a powerful instantaneous monitoring system in which the latest data sampled by all connected sensors is stored. The boxlogger also allows the display and export of INSTANTANEOUS data collected through the integrated Web Server.
  • CONTINUITY: the datacentre architecture (Cloud) assures, even in the event of lack of connectivity or system failure, the availability of data collected until the last available moment. This allows a possible Remote Service Centre to analyse and have the latest consistent state of the site/plant available at any time.


Sites / Plants recordedNumber of device connected in IoTMonitoring energy flow

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