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From recent communications of the GSE and the Ministry of Economic Development, the non-cumulability of the incentives referred to in the III and IV Feed-in tariff would result with the tax exemption for environmental investments referred to in Article 6, paragraphs 13 to 19, of the Law of 23 December 2000, n. 388 (so-called "Tremonti Ambiente").

The Ministry of Economic Development will also assess the possibility of requesting the Revenue Agency to issue a circular that regulates the return of any sums received.

We also report the specific news of the GSE published on 22/11 feed-in tariff, clarifications on the possibility of cumulation between feed-in tariff and the so-called "Tremonti ambiente", in which the continuity of disbursement of the incentive tariffs of III, IV and V feed-in tariff is envisaged only in the case the tax benefit enjoyed by the former Tremonti Ambiente is waivered.

This waiver must be communicated to GSE within 12 months from the publication of the news itself.



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