Energy Intelligence among the partners of the Polytechnic University


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On 23 November 2017, the last meeting of Milan Polytechnic Observatory was held on energy issues. The Energy & Strategy Group is the emanation of the School of Management of the Polytechnic and  for several years it has carved out a central and authoritative role on the important issues regarding energy ad above all, its trends and its evolutionary process in this phase of radical and rapid paradigm change. 

As occurred in the past, the Energy & Strategy Group team, led by Professor Vittorio Chiesa presented the first Digital Energy Report, turning the spotlight on a new topic, bringing it to the centre of attention and debate.
The Report begins with a strong and almost provocative statement:
“The future of energy is digital. Energy is the next industry digital disruption will hit. digital energy is the factor enabling the smart product and service ecosystem that now characterise networks, production systems and energy consumption systems”.

Energy Intelligence, which has been a partner of the Energy & Strategy Group since the beginning of its activity, could not miss this event, closely linked to the DNA of our company starting with its name, a synthesis between Energy and Intelligent Systems.

The event of 23 November saw the participation of a panel of speakers of undoubted importance, and gathered the opinions and points of view of typical operators of the energy supply chain, IT sector players and new actors who have marked their own business model exactly on this convergence.

During the first round table, Luca Bonzagni briefly presented the technology platform developed by Energy Intelligence to control energy flows in both production and consumption and underlined the importance of converging expertise. Today, digital technology (availability of microsensors and low cost and ultra-wideband pervasive communication networks) makes it possible to build information networks that allow the management of extremely complex phenomena based on real data that is immediately available and everywhere. To establish itself in this market, it is necessary to oversee both IT and energy expertise, needed to speak the users' language and develop effective models to interpret the large amount of available data.
The Energy Intelligence platform, created to meet internal needs of companies is now available to customers, whether they are field operators as O&M, EPC and ESCO or energy producers or industrial entrepreneurs oriented towards the efficient management of energy flows.

Download the Digital Energy Report


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