Investing in photovoltaics


Energy Intelligence has collaborated with the magazine for the production of a special technology entitled “INVESTING IN AN EXISTING PHOTOVOLTAIC PARK”. The special is dedicated to all investors of the sector, it analyses the main and new technology regulations, it deals with technical maintenance aspects, up to an analysis of the optimization of technical maintenance and administrative management.


  • The added value of photovoltaics for the Italian economic system
  • Regulatory news in the photovoltaic sector
  • The value of photovoltaics after the "Spalma-incentivi" decree
  • The secondary market of Italian photovoltaics: trends and competitive dynamics in the light of the new 'Spalma incentivi' Decree
  • Some measures to increase the value of photovoltaic plants
  • Incentives for photovoltaic plants: what can be improved
  • The impact of the "Spalma-incentivi" Decree on the financial dynamics of investments in photovoltaics
  • Optimisation of the technical and economic management of photovoltaic plants
  • Monitoring: an essential tool for improving photovoltaic plant productivity
  • IT, management and consultancy services for Asset Managers
  • Photovoltaics in Italy, an installed base to revitalise - Leonardo Botti, ABB
  • Revamping of the photovoltaic plant: a second opportunity for the business plan

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